The Unigrain-S Transfer was designed to give our customers a simple machine for ironing and applying films on leather and textile and for continuous lamination of double protection films as well.

The machine has been designed to ensure the best performance in terms of productivity and final results, with regard to particular processes and high-flow films (for example paint).

The rotary press can also be used as a standard ironing machine or by using the "zero pressure" system (thickness adjust) to perform final processing using only the heat of the roller, thus preventing the grain from being pressed.
The introduction system, made by means of two spreading conveyor belts, allows the machine to be used with any type of leather, eliminating the formation of folds even on the softest and largest ones.


  • Re-winder device system at the exit with 2 motorized stations.
  • Felt cleaning brush available with or without dust suction and collection system.
  • Chromed roller cooling device made by water / oil exchanger.
  • Metal detector device to prevent metal parts accidentally introduced between the pressure rollers.
  • PLC and panel configuration for remote assistance.
  • Heating of the chromed roller with diathermic oil by means of a heating control unit positioned on the side of the machine.

Technical data

technical specification