The KISS PRESS is a machine developed to give our customers an ironing, shining and sandblast machine. Thanks to the independent motorization of the roller operator is possible to synchronize or to vary the speed of the roller with respect to the transport felt in order to achieve particular effects of ironing, not achievable with traditional machines. By adjusting the thickness between the roller and transport felt can be ironed soft leathers and shining the tips keeping unchanged the softness.
A new introduction system, realized by means of two spreading conveyor belts, allows the use of the machine with any type of leathers, eliminating the problems of folds even on big and soft products.


  • New patent Solaris: the new innovative and integrated heating system in the roller ensures a remarkable energy saving allowing to eliminate the external control unit for the heating diathermic oil.
  • Roller operator motorized with possibility to adjust the working thickness.
  • Possibility to synchronize or vary the speeds of chromed and lower pressure rollers.
  • Double – spreading conveyor belts, system to hold the leather during the ironing and embossing process.
  • Independent handling devices of felt and spreading conveyor belts, controlled by inverter.
  • Last generation of hydraulic circuit components to ensure a constant pressure during the processing phases.
  • PLC with “Touch Screen “ panel for programming and control of all parameters (hydraulic pressure, working speed, roller temperature, daily and weekly programming for activation preheating rollers, diagnostic problems, ect ).
  • Detaching device with safety photocell.
  • Safety devices in accordance with regulations.


  • Re-winder and un-winder devices for fil and paper application (upper and lower devices).
  • Cleaning brush of felt available with or without suction system and dust collector .
  • Cooling device for fast reduction of roller temperature with water / oil exchanger.
  • Metal Detector device to prevent the accidentally introduction of metal parts between the pressure rollers.
  • PLC kit set configuration for remote assistance.
  • Heating of the roller by means of thermal oil using independent heating unit placed in a special compartment side of the machine.


  • Kisspress-R: specific press for ironing reptile without removing the label of CITES certification.

Technical data

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