MP12CS 3000 TONS

Latest conception of hydraulic press with multi-cylinder system operation, to ensure uniform printing with big working plates.

The advanced electronic control combined with a state-of-the-art hydraulic system (specific and performing for this type of application) made it possible to achieve printing results that were previously unattainable.


  • Frame of hydraulic press in high resistant steel sheets, made in columns. All structural parts dimensioned and verified at the maximum working pressure using a special program (ANSYS).
  • N°2 forged steel cylinder subjected to distention heat treatment and controlled with ultrasound system to ensure durability and reliability at high pressures .
  • N°2 cast iron piston with lapped surface.
  • Mobile table with rapid up and down movements made through external hydraulic cylinders.
  • New hydraulic system for controlling the working pressure and the new quick lifting system capable of allowing an increase in performance and greater energy savings.
  • Hydraulic unit integrated in the body of the press and equipped with oil cooling unit.
  • Possibility to control and arrange maintenance in the hydraulic system without having to unload the hydraulic oil system. Easy replacement of the cylinder gasket.
  • Possibility to adjust the piston speed.
  • Possibility to adjust the movement (end of stroke) of the pistons, according to the thickness of the working plate and the felt pad.
  • System that also allows to be brought close the leather to the heating plate without pressure, in order to have an ironing “kiss effect".
  • Stroke repeater device (without opening the platens press), necessary to print in depth.
  • Electric heating system perfectly uniform over the entire work surface, due to the division into five sectors of the upper plate, independently managed and controlled.
  • The upper plate can be heated with diathermic oil or steam and can be cooled with water or oil.
  • PLC and Touch-screen panel for programming and control of all parameters ( hydraulic pressure, time of pressure, number of strokes, plate temperatures, heating timer, change of plate, auto- fault diagnosis, ect ) .
  • Ability to store common parameters in the files for later recall.
  • Configuration with remote assistance of PLC and Touch-screen panel by internet device.
  • Integrated electrical panel positioned side of the machine with “book system opening", for easy control and maintenance.
  • Safety system made with electronic photocell barriers and sensitive safety profiles around the perimeter of the pressure / danger zone.
  • Press control by push button.
  • Safety devices meet the highest standard actual requirements.

Technical data

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