The new Mostardini MPTSX is the most technologically advanced machine on the market for embossing and ironing. The control system is managed by a PLC that makes the operations on the machine simple and fast, making easier the maintenance operations thanks to a self-diagnosis system.
The various models are divided according to the maximum power exerted on work surfaces in order to offer different solutions depending on the type of work required on leathers.


  • High resistant steel sheets structure, checking with an ultrasound system in order to verify the total absence of defects inside of the same ones, before being used. Electrical welding today realized with a new pre heating system that allows a better cohesion of the materials and at the end of the welding process, checked with a magneto scope method using magnetic powders, so as to verify of the execution. Final re-cooking treatment of the structure, to increase the fatigue strength. All structural parts dimensioned and verified at the maximum working pressure using a special program (ANSYS).
  • High Resistance Forged steel cylinder subjected to distention heat treatment and controlled with ultrasound system to ensure durability and reliability at high pressures.
  • Cast iron piston with lapped surface.
  • Mobile plate with rapid up and down movements made through external cylinders.
  • Hydraulic system of latest generation for low power consumption and long life even with continuous workloads.
  • Hydraulic unit integrated in the body of the press and equipped with oil cooling unit.
  • Possibility to control and arrange maintenance in the hydraulic system without having to unload the hydraulic oil system. Easy replacement of the cylinder gasket.
  • Possibility to adjust the speed of the piston.
  • Possibility to adjust the stroke of the piston depending on the thickness of the plate and of the felt.
  • System that allows you to use the press with zero pressure, in order to have an ironing “kiss effect”.
  • Strokes repeater (without opening the plates) very important to achieve a deep embossing.
  • Electric heating system perfectly uniform over the entire work surface, due to the division into 3 (or 5) sectors of the upper plate, independently managed and controlled.
  • The plate can be heated with diathermic oil or steam and can be cooled with water or oil.
  • PLC and “Touch Screen” panel for programming and control of all parameters ( hydraulic pressure, time of pressure, number of strokes, plate temperatures, heating timer, change of plate, auto- fault diagnosis, ect). Ability to store common parameters in the files for later recall.
  • Remote assistance by internet device.
  • Integrated electrical panel positioned side of the machine with “book system opening”, for easy control and maintenance.
  • Traditional safety system realized with mechanical barriers.
  • Pressing operated by the handle of the same mechanical barrier.
  • The most advanced safety system is realized with electronic barriers (photocell) and sensitive profiles that protect the entire perimeter of the pressure zone.
  • Pressing operated by foot pedal or button.
  • Safety devices in accordance with the regulations.